Safety, Operations and Finance

About ITS

ITS covers the three basic functions of your Material Handling Fleet: Safety, Operations and Finance. ITS is designed for the purpose of helping organizations comply with OSHA Standard (CFR 1910.178), and to provide management with accurate data to inform company decisions. ITS automates important daily tasks, increasing efficiency. ITS’ architecture allows you to scale up the service and system functionality you require as your business grows.



As Dale Carnegie put it, “work proceeds better on a clean floor.” ITS keeps your work orders and OSHA compliance paperless.


Whether you’re running a single forklift, or a thousand warehouses, ITS grows with your business. 



Take control of your risk and ensure not only OSHA compliance, but also piece of mind with ITS’ customizable checklists. Monitor and secure any asset, anywhere.

Meaningful Metrics

Intelligent asset monitoring and report generation means you see trends in your fleet before they manifest. Stop reacting and start planning with ITS.

Navigable Reporting

Find the right report when you need it. Don’t drown in a sea of paper or digital mess. Respond to audits with ease and perform internal queries at will. 


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Make Your compliance a Priority.

OSHA certainly will.

OSHA inspections are due today in FL

US Estimated missed inspections per year

Average cost of failed audit

% rate of compliance among ITS clients

Promoting a corona virus free workplace.

ITS is the first system of its kind to promote an antiseptic work environment. Where many of our competitors rely on the installation of communal hardware such as touch-panels, ITS provides compliance checks, work order management, and asset analysis across all devices: meaning you, and your team engage with ITS from your own device. With ITS’ Scan-and-Go technology lock-out tag-out procedures are touch-free and logged for convenient retrieval and oversight. 

Itemize and execute

ITS allows clients to use an array of tailored checklists designed to streamline both OSHA compliance, and maintenance upkeep. Clients can create customized checklists easily and all ITS processes are integrated with our paperless work orders. Define your checklist protocols, and let ITS handle the rest. You’ve got a business to run.

Will ITS save my business money? Check.

With customizable, streamlined, check-list based work order flow and OSHA compliance, ITS saves its clients stress, accidents, and money. 


ITS is offerring a single-asset, one week trial 

Testimonials & Featured Clients

"ITS has helped our whole operation go paperless, and in the process saved us an untold amount of money that will now be used to grow the business, not chase our tails."

Carl Hungus, CEO @ UpYourForklift

"We signed up with ITS a few months ago and already I can see the difference. I think we've saved a forest worth of paper."

Dirk Barrett, OWNER @ Barrett & Wrigley Logistics

"I wish I could track and control my family as easily as I can my fleet with ITS. Just kidding. Not really though."

Thomson Polan, CEO @ Hoist Brothers Lift Leasing

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