ITS management software is an easy-to-use web-based application that will save you time and money by helping you digitally comply with OSHA Standard 1910.178:

♦ Go paperless and avoid lost or illegible work orders

♦ Manage and view multiple sites and departments

♦ Customize multilevel access for technicians, operators, supervisors, managers, and administrators

♦ Startup swiftly with our pre-define templates

♦ Set up custom inspections and maintenance schedules

♦ Include pictures and comments for inspections and work orders

♦ Track and manage fleet repairs, maintenance, and inspections

♦ Stay organized with searchable paperless records: inspections, repair work orders, maintenance, and training history

♦ Track and schedule employee training and certification

♦ Manage email notifications for all relevant events (including vendor work order notifications)

♦ Track technician and employee daily hours

♦ Easily upload part manuals, service manuals, etc. with custom notes or pictures

♦ Empower your employees: a technician’s portal clearly displays his open work orders

♦ Stay informed with comprehensive bar graphs, pie charts, and metric reports

♦ Stay safe: users can easily generate incident or accident reports with pictures