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Up Your Gym’s unique suite of powerful software provides you with the ability to market products, coaches’ availability, pyhiscal and virtual events and seminars, as well as monetize your existing or to-be-created media content. Don’t let temporary closures, now or in the future, sidetrack, or derail your growing business. Up Your Gym leverages a network of forward-thinking owners and coaches, just like you. We know you want the best for your students and clients: that’s why we are here.


Core software package: admin console, student & coach portals


Up Your Gym’s admin console allows you, and your staff, to manage student payments and interactions like content purchases and private lesson bookings.


It’s never been easier for a student to join a community, browse content, book private lessons, and  communicate with coaches and peers.


Give your coaches and trainers the tools they need to monetize thier own availability and expertise.

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Go Paperless

Up Your Gym streamlines the waiver process and allows you to maintain legal complaince paperlessly, saving you stress and money. 

Improve Marketing

By marketing products to a growing community of dedicated students, coaches, and owners, you’ll watch your business increase.


Monetize Media

Monetize your media content by selling directly to our growing community of validated students, coaches, and gym owners. 

Sell Products

Easily sell products to not only your own students and clients, but also the wider Up Your Gym community. We work with mutliple payment providers to provide a streamlined path from your first product to your thriving online warehouse. 

Navigate Data

Find the right information when you need it. Don’t drown in a sea of paper or digital mess. Respond to, and create opportunities with UpYourGym’s powerful administrative console.

See the Light

Click ‘View Demo’ below to see how Up Your Gym can help your growing business navigate towards a bright future.

Increasing Business in the face of corona ups-and-downs.

The most integral part of surviving the roadblocks to profitability imposed by the Corona virus is to strenthen your gym for the next quarantine, whether it arrives or not. Deepen your gym community’s roots by providing coaches, students, owners, venders and more a common area to congregate when not physically possible. Connect with your existing contacts, and build new ones with our administrative tools.

Connect your community

Engage with your students and clients by marketing content and products directly from the Up Your Gym management console to the mobile web application. Then increase your scope to include the world-at-large and sell to all gyms and members in the expanding Up Your Gym universe.

Can Up Your Gym help you clear roadblocks? Check.

Up Your Gym’s combination of administrative and user tools tightens the communication between you and your members, and makes greater revenue and sales a reachable goal. Get all aspects of your online game under one roof: billing, management, product marketing, content sales, private bookings and more. Your students can access your customizable online gym’s presense via thier mobile device with a login and user identity. 


Testimonials & Featured Clients

"What a great system to connect with students and market my black belt's time wisely."

Carl H, CEO @ ManTerprise Inc

"Easy to use. Quite a breadth of services indeed!"

Dirk Hornsby, OWNER @ Barrett & Wrigley Logistics

"Great for selling and marketing content and products to a growing list of target clients."

Thomson Polan, CEO @ Hoist Brothers 

Up Your Gym is offering a one week, single gym trial